Kurt's and Christopher's Train Layouts

Fraser Logging Camp

Kurt has been into model railroading since childhood and introduced his son, Christopher, into the hobby as a toddler. First with Thomas the Tank, then later with other rail lines and rolling stock, the love for modeling grew into a family hobby. The layouts grew during the years, from a small 6x8 oval to the multiroomed layout that currently graces the second floor of the house.

Kurt's Third Layout

U shape with long landmass connecting to Christopher's, 2 towns, lumber camp, mining camp, rail yard, and several industries


4x2 NMRA standard HO modules; two drop into the current layout to become one of the railyard and industry sections; the other three are for shows only; wife and mother, Michelle, even has her own modules designed to entertain the women and girls, as much as the model railroaders

Christopher's Second Layout

4x8 Oval with staging area that connects to Dad's, based on Black River Junction, and a small city area
Kurt's Second Layout 6x8 Oval with 2 wings and slot cars, a small town, covered bridge, stream, and a cliffside lighthouse
Christopher's First Layout 4x8 Oval, with a small town
Kurt's First Layout 6x8 Oval, with a small town and a staging yard
Miscelleanous Thomas, a station clock, display shelves, and more