Christopher's Second Layout

The original layout was scrapped and rebuilt to add more railyard for switching operations. A growing boy needed a new challenge. This is based off the Black River Junction layout from Model Railroader magazine, with a few extra tracks. He first named the town "Scottsdale" because it needed a name and that was the first name that came to mind. He was running all Atlantic Coastline engines and cars. Mom found the ACL museum in Wilmington, NC and arranged to get him to it, without his knowing in advance. He was grinning from ear to ear that day and renamed his town to "Wilmington". He may eventually one day model the real Wilmington depot and railyard, but not yet.

(Click on a picture to see a larger image.)

Picture of city area
His sister's N scale oval is on the small table underneath the layout.
Picture of in progress connector to staging yard
Picture of city area with passenger station
Picture of Dad working on staging yard
Kurt modified the staging yard from the Black River, bending it to fit the room. He later choose this area to connect to the landmass.
Picture of city area and connector to staging yard
Picture of connector and staging yard, as the yard connects to the landmass
The corner of the landmass, as it connects to the staging yard on the layout. The landmass continues down the hallway into Kurt's layout.
Picture of staging yard and the switches that connect to the landmass
Kurt added the switches at the end of the staging tracks to connect to the dual line landmass.
Picture of connector to staging yard
Picture of Atlantic Coasst Line engine