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Custom carving and special orders are no problem. We always love a good challenge to turn your original design or artwork into a beautiful handcrafted finished piece that you can be proud of. To place a custom order, please contact us as each product has a unique set of questions.

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Custom Heraldry Custom Mug Custom Heraldry Mug
Hatching Dragon Custom Notebook Cover Hatching Dragon Notebook Cover
Flaming Crystal Dragon Egg Custom Mug Flaming Crystal Dragon Egg Mug
Two Cats Playing Custom Mug Custom Mug Two Cats Playing Mug
Winged Cross Custom Mug Winged Cross
Detective Skull Custom Mug Detective Skull
You're Sew Perfect Custom Album Cover You're Sew Perfect
Rampant Wolf Carving Custom Wolf Scabbard Rampant Wolf
Attacking Eagle Carving Custom Eagle Album Cover Attacking Eagle
Raven Heraldry Custom Raven Heraldry Heraldric Raven
Custom Heraldry Custom Heraldry Custom Heraldry
Celtic Cross Custom Celtic Cross Celtic Cross
Mermaid Mermaid Archer Mermaid Archer Mermaid Archer
Horse Horse Horse
Symbol Symbol Custom Symbol
Wolf with Ring Wolf With Ring on Flask Wolf With Ring
Baronial Crest Stierbach Baronial Mugs Baronial Crest
Lion on Archery Bracer Lion on Archery Bracer
Arrowhead Arrowhead
Custom Symbol Horse Custom Symbol



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