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Our philosophy: To produce quality leather products for Medieval and Renaissance Enthusiasts that are as authentic as possible. To that end, we offer a unique line of authentic quivers, scabbards, sheaths, targes, and flasks. We also offer items to compliment any period outfit (i.e. mugs, hats, and belts.) Some modern conveniences have been used where necessary, but the designs are still authentic.

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The new artisan at work on one of the challenging carvings.

Kings Ransom began as a hobby in 1994 and slowly developed a line of authentic medieval reproduction leather products. In 1996, the hobby became a weekend business. In 1998, the weekend business became a full time "shop" out of our living room, which forced us to move to a larger location in 1999. All products are hand made, requiring hours of painstaking cutting, carving, dying, painting, and sewing.

The business had to close for a few years (2002 - 2013) but the second generation of the family has decided to reopen the business. The same quality line of products is offered, with some minor changes for modern items and methods.

A Satisfied Customer
A satisfied customer with his repaired hand made quiver. We just added the new strap.

Hard at work at Pennsic 2014
The new artisan hard at work at Pennsic 2014.

Teaching at Gulf Wars 2015 Teaching at Gulf Wars 2015
The artisan loves to teach and pass on how to work with leather.


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