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Leather is a natural product, and as such, it has limitations and needs. Properly cared for, our leather products will last for many years. Please take the time to read the below:

Basic Care:

Do Not Put in the Dishwasher
Modern dishwashers have hot water - and lots of it. Heat hardens the leather and when heat combine with water, the result could be akin to armour. However, we have been told that you can throw one of our leather cups at the camp dishwasher and it will not kill him or her. We don't advise this however.

Do Not Microwave
Heat again. Consider what happens to steak if left in the microwave too long.

Do Not Submerge in Water or other liquids
While we make every effort to seal our products, small, natural imperfections will allow water into the leather. This can get water into areas that we are unable to seal thoroughly and you may end up discoloring any leather product.

Do Not Drop in a Fire
We have been told that one did survive a house fire, but leather can burn just like your skin.

Three 20+ year old mugs, still being used almost daily.

Proper Care for our Mugs, Cups, and Flasks:

Hand wash inside with warm soapy water
Any soap will do. If something was left that needs soaking, fill with warm soapy water until loosened. You can use a soft brush like a bottle brush to scrub the bottom if really necessary. Do not use a steel wool pad.

Towel dry outside
You can towel dry the inside as well, or just refill with a beverage of your choice and enjoy. By removing extra moisture from the outside, you reduce the chance of spotting the finish.

Do not drop sharp, pointed knives into a cup or mug
The sharp point may pierce the lining and cause a leak. While this may be able to be fixed, the exterior may discolor due to water damage.

Proper Care for our Other Products

Towel dry outside
Spotting from water drops may occur. This is normal. The sooner the product is wiped off, the less spotting will occur.

Heat damage to a rubber lining from 20+ years of hot coffee every day. We were able to remove and replace the lining.

Our Maintenance Pledge

When problems are noticed, please contact us at a show or via phone or email. We stand behind our products and will try to repair any problem. From snapped or cut stitches to lost laces and rings to damaged linings, we will fix what we can.
Please note, water damage is one thing we cannot fix.

Leather will darken with age and exposure to sunlight. We cannot lighten the color when this happens, especially to undyed, natural color.

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