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How the Society Began

Group Photo in 2010

Swords of Chivalry, 2011

The Swords of Chivalry began forming in August 1995 when two of the members returned from England. The two founding members were trained by The Medieval Combat Society and carried home with them a dream of quality fighting in the US.

At first word spread slowly by word of mouth and many different people, including SCA members, attempted the fighting style. But this fighting style is not for everyone. However, a few stayed to train and be knighted.

SOC has performed at a some shows in past years. As members came and went From the small group, shows schedules could not expanded. We hope to extend show schedule .

The Swords of Chivalry embraces the style, beliefs, and enthusiam of the MCS. As the society continues to grow these fundamental beliefs will remain as the root of all we attempt. These beliefs include, but are not limited to:

  1. Safety.
  2. Fun.
  3. Family.
  4. Comraderie.
  5. Authenticity.
  6. Quality public entertainment shows.
  7. Preserving history for the future.

Group Photo in 1996

Swords of Chivalry, 1996


Group Photo in 2010

Swords of Chivalry, 2010


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