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We hand tool all carvings, bring the detail in the pattern, heraldry, or artwork to life in relief. We have some stock patterns that we use. Or we can convert your custom artwork to a suitable carving pattern. Custom carving and special orders are no problem.

Prices may vary due to the size and complexity of the carving.

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Baby Dragon Facing Left Carving Baby Dragon Facing Right Carving

Baby Dragon

Wizard Fighting Dragon on Bridge Carving Bridge Dragon
Celtic Cross Dragons Celtic Cross Dragons
Celtic Dragon Carving Celtic Dragon
Celtic Knot Carving Celtic Dragon Knot
Dragon Curl Carving Dragon Curl
Double Dragon Carving Double Dragon
Dragon Eye Carving Dragon Eye
  Dragon Head
Entwined Tails Carving Entwined Tails
  Fairy Dragon
Fire Breathing Knot Dragons Fire Breathing Knot Dragons
Frilled Lizard Frilled Lizard
Golden Bed Golden Bed
Horned Beast Carving Horned Beast
Just Hanging Around Wyvern Just Hanging Around Wyvern
Little Angel Carving Little Angel
Mexican Feathered Lizard Mexican Feathered Lizard
New Born Fury Carving New Born Fury
Peek A Boo western Carving Peek a Boo Western
Rampant Pegasus Carving Rampant Pegasus
Red Dragon Carving Red Dragon
Sentinal Sentinal
Snake In Well Carving Snake in a Well
Snake Knot Carving Snake Knot
Toadstool Heights Carving Toadstool Heights
Viking Dragon Carving Viking Dragon
Welsh Dragon Carving Welsh Dragon
Young Fairy Love Carving Young Fairy Love



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